Connect to the Internet through a Wifi mobile box

Hello, to connect to the Internet abroad there are several solutions.

One of these solutions is to rent a box that will allow you to connect your wifi devices such as smartphones, tablets or computers. This box is itself connected by a SIM card to the 4G or 3G telephone network and the system operates on a subscription basis. The best known solution is that of mywebSpot.

Just order the device and it will be delivered to your home. For example, you will pay about €10 per day for unlimited internet access but with a speed limit… Once the daily rate is reached, you will switch to a degraded rate.

This solution is interesting for short time Internet access, like a few days, but I do not recommend it for longer accesses such as a month or two because the price may be a little prohibitive.
In this case, it is better to turn to a solution to purchase a SIM card in the destination country directly.