Remote working in Barra Grande, Piaui, Brazil


Hello remote workers !

Continuing my exploration of remote regions of NordEst Brazil (I have been to Jericoacoara and Icarai de Amontada), I would like to have your opinion and furthermore experience about Barra Grande (Piaui)

I have been there once but for a short time, it was in 2013, we stayed at Vilarejo pousada and internet access was somehow… complicated. Using 3G data is I remember.


But, I have more recent news and things seems to change quickly, there are rumours of fiber optics deployment in the region? If you can confirm that, that would be great news !

A big hope also is access by low orbit satellites Not science fiction, the public commercial service could be available in two years time…

In the mean time, if you have been there either for tourism or remote working your experience is greatly appreciated ! What internet quality did you have with Wifi and 3G?